Friday, 2 August 2013

Can You Draft Dismiss into Dream?

This card, like Door of Destinies, could vary from unplayable to a bomb depending on the set it is in.  It's a seven drop, so what you are really hoping will happen if you cast this is that it will immediately blow your opponent out.  Even if it doesn't work as a Plague Wind, you'd hope that you could reliably immediately use it to remove their most powerful threat.  All you need to do that is some targeted effects.

If only it were easy to come by targeted effects in this set.  If you even had a single Samite Healer in play then Dismiss into Dream would justify it's cost.  But there is no such thing as a Samite Healer in Magic 2014.

Dismiss will upgrade a number of weaker cards into creature removal cards.  You can Ranger's Guile or Divine Favor your opponent's creature away, but turning other cards into one-for-one removal isn't much of a feat for a seven drop and it always leaves you one card behind.  At common, Master of Diversion gets quite good, but by the time dismiss hits play attacking with a master might be a suicide mission, so again it could just be a one-for-one.  Frost Breath is suddenly a two for one but playing the very slow dismiss and the very aggressive breath in the same deck seems iffy.  Goblin Shortcutter would be pretty sweet but the 2/1 body isn't worth a whole card that late in the game, so it's great but not insane.

At uncommon, Flames of the Firebrand is a real winner, Rod of Ruin would be great, and Briarpack Alpha would do well as a Flametongue Kavu.  Still, all of these have the problem that you aren't going to be casting dismiss and then killing something in the same turn.  It's pretty sad to play a seven drop that doesn't affect the board.

One card I haven't mentioned that you will be able to pick up very easily is Zephyr Charge.  Obviously if you can untap with dismiss and charge you can win pretty handily.  But Zephyr Charge probably isn't a real winner - especially on defence - and putting in weak cards to support your seven drop makes it unlikely you live to play your seven drop.

Dismiss into Dream also has the potential be used to stop your opponent from using certain cards.  Obviously it stops your opponent from attaching equipment and auras once it is in play.  It severely limits the usefulness of your opponent's Ajani.  It turns your opponent's Advocate of the Beast into a potentially huge liability.

Unfortunately when your opponent has Ajani out, you probably don't have until turn seven to get your defence against him online.  There is no threat out there that dismiss shuts down that it will shut down in time to be worth even boarding in.

I don't think Dismiss into Dream is playable at all.  There just isn't enough to support it.  If you ever come across a deck that really wants to play two Zephyr Charges and you have a dismiss handy, then maybe you could put it in, but this is a circumstance is that is just too far-fetched.

It's really a shame, this is probably thematically one of the coolest cards ever.  The idea that you are such a powerful wizard that you can deem creatures to not really exist is awfully exciting.  I guess this was intended as a Commander card more than anything else.  It's too bad I'll never see anyone play it.

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  1. This is one of the cards in M14 that made me go "Wow, now THAT is really cool." I think that counts for a lot. Still, it is a shame you can't draft it.