Friday, 23 August 2013

My Hot SolForge Picks

There are two SolForge cards I'm really big on right now.

The first is Marrow Fiend.  This is a top common in my mind.  Now, if my deck was lousy I probably wouldn't want to include it, but when the rest of your cards are good this thing punches way above its weight.  By that, I mean quite literally that he is pretty much the best card in the entire game at trading for a creature a level above himself.  He will also trade for very powerful creatures of his own level, including fighting Steelforged Avatars at level one.  I don't like his level two stats as much, but at level three he's actually a very solid body, trading with almost all level threes and not getting traded up by level twos.  Of course I mostly play him at level one when I am level two or three and rarely actually get the higher level versions.

The second is Heart Tree.  I put this card in one of my decks just because I liked it in an aesthetic way, but I greatly underestimated how powerful an ability Defender is on it.  The regeneration is very powerful, and the fact that your opponent has to wait so long to even start taking it down is really great.  Playing a level one and then two tree restricts you to three attacking lanes but it makes it so hard for your opponent to trade with your guys that it is worth it.  The deck I am playing it in has a full playset of Grimgaunt Predators, and those guys love regeneration.

I'm really impressed with the depth of SolForge, even if right now an inordinate number of my online games still boil down to someone getting blown out by Echowisp.

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