Friday, 9 August 2013

SolForge Games

I've been having a lot of fun playing SolForge.  There are just enough different cards to be able to try to do different things with decks.  Being able to play against the computer means you can usually play out your plan pretty quickly as well.  The plans aren't as elaborate as the kinds of plans that are possible in Magic, but there are fun things to do like growing Spring Dryads or trying to get out a level three Chrogias.

If you build a deck intelligently then you will usually beat the computer more often than not.  Though the AI is decent, I've found there are a few things it does wrong consistently.  That being said, you are going to lose a reasonable number of games because of the way the cards come out.

"Moves into" not gets
played into
So I've been paying attention to the preview cards from the first set, which apparently will have about 200 cards in it.  So far I've been really impressed with how exciting and cool the preview cards are.  A lot of the cards in the demo version of the game have a power and a toughness and that gets bigger as they level up.  That's not all there is to all of them, but the abilities are, even when powerful, not very game bending.  Some of the preview cards are way more interesting, like a creature that can move and kills anything in a lane it moves into, or a card that transforms a creature of its level into a 4/4.

I'm looking forward to the release of the set, which I believe is coming soon.  Buying in is going to get me a bunch of random packs, so I'm looking forward to building the best deck I can out of the cards that I have and making it gradually better.  I also look forward to regaling you with stories about how I blew people out.  Like drawing Level 3 Echowisp and Level 3 Chrogias in my first level 3 hand.  You don't know what that means, but that's okay.  Believe me, it's awesome.

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