Friday, 13 September 2013

Mad Myth Friday!

I have a strong preference for blogs that are on very narrow subjects.  If I start talking about everything at once then I get totally lost.

That being said, I recently found some old notebooks where I used to write things to myself, and I'd like to present some selections of it here.  A lot of it was about games, but that stuff I can't really reproduce meaningfully since it is mostly calculations and equations.  Instead, I'd like to provide for you some of the musings I used to have while working retail.  In my new feature, Mad Myth Fridays, I'll let myself drop the affect of being a gaming blog and provide nonsense instead.  And to help, I have brought a friend:

There are those who like to speak of selfishness.  Every action is traced back to the good it does for some selfish replicator or other.
But what is altruism?  Consider the parable of the altruistic man who lives in the world of the selfish.  On a sinking ship he kindly takes the last lifeboat for himself - leaving his crewmate to drown - knowing that he will be able to save at least two lives when safely on shore.
"Ah ha!" says the theorist, there is no altruism, only selfishness.  But might I not shout my own "Ah ha!" when I discover that ancient and mindless blue-green algae was altruistically preparing the planet for the arrival of all other life through by looking after its own short term interest?
And even the miser, the predator, the parasite and the sociopath in their hearts are kind, because they look after the immediate needs and desires of the only being that they can see.  It is a being worthy of love and caring.  Were I so myopic I would love myself as they do: as little as they do.
Thanks Scion of Purple.

Back in 2005-ish I was living the life of an artist and a philosopher, complete with a job at a retail store.  Apparently I wrote a lot of stuff back then.  Some of it reads like essays and some of it reads like I was trying to emulate Zarathustra.

On a side note, this page is using a much improved strategy for animation that is going to solve my transparent background problem.  Soon we can have a piggy standing somewhere instead of just on a white background.

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