Friday, 20 September 2013

Mad Myth Fridays - Individual Freedom

The idea that everything must have a container is self-defeating.  Without it we are lost in a sea of existence, there are no boundaries to existence, no boundaries to us.  We associate "no boundaries" with a removal of limitations: we hate our boundaries.  We associate "no boundaries" with a removal of security: we love our boundaries.  We understand the paradox of individual freedom.  We see there is a trade off between freedom-from and freedom-to.  Which had the greater freedom?  All of the universe together as a whole has the ultimate freedom to act on its predetermined course.  A complete lack of anything has the ultimate freedom from responsibility to the other.
I used to go out to a lot of shows to see local bands.  If you like a local band and start going to their shows you inadvertently begin dating them.

Oh, and a quick note.  Someone alerted me that my tendency to accidentally click "publish" when I don't mean to do so can cause problems for people with blog readers and feeds by showing them fragmented posts.  I recognize that, but I assume I am going to continue to mis-click and more generally mis-think things.  But also, while the above may have inadvertently appeared on a reader last night, it is actually a full post, just posted at the wrong time.


  1. hi! i saw a random post of yours at boingboing and got homesick.

    good to see you.

  2. Nice to see you here. I find petting the piggy really helps.