Friday, 11 October 2013

Mad Myth Friday - The Shadow

A child sees a monster in the corner of his room and calls to you for help.  You arrive and reassure, "There have not seen a monster, it is only a shadow."  But the child has seen a monster.  True, there is no monster, but there is no shadow, either.
The easy part of coding it coming up with algorithms that do what you want.  The hard part of coding it putting in the semi-colons.  The even harder part of coding it counting pixels.

I'd like to have more facility to do original art, but it seems extremely difficult.  Particular sprite sheets.  The idea of making things that look right when flashed every 30 milliseconds is really daunting, and will probably never be within my capacity.  Code for user interfaces offends my sensibilities.  I think that for now it is good for me to be coding in html/javascript because the entire system is designed around what is displayed on the screen so I am forced to work with that early on.  Instead of thinking of abstract objects that have to have graphics attached to them at the end, I think of graphics and attach actions to them.

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