Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mad Myth Sunday? - The Computer

Some children play a game, rolling rocks down a hill to see which one goes furthest.
A scientist decides to model the game to see which child will win.  To do so he builds a computer.  He gives the computer a model of gravity and of the hill, but it is unable to predict the winner.
He takes takes pictures and measurements of every bit of earth and stone, and adds more processors and memory to his computer to interpret the improved model.
He adds high speed cameras to measure how the children throw the rock.  He scans every rock before it is thrown to know exactly how it will bounce and roll.  Every time he improves the modelling he must add more components and the computer becomes larger and larger until it towers high above him.
Some children play a new game, rolling rocks down a massive computer to see which one goes furthest.
Candy Box 2 came out, so I'll have a post about that for you this week, but you might want to try it out first.

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