Tuesday, 15 October 2013

SolForge Creature Types

I had never paid much attention to SolForge creature types.  Dr. Frankenbaum cares about Abominations, Xrath cares about Zombies, there are a couple of legendary cards that care about Robots, and then there is cultivate, but other than that you could ignore what creature types things have.

First, there is, to me, the most egregious.  Spring Dryad is a Dryad, Lifeblood Dryad is an Elf Druid.  Oops?

There are several cards that are "Zombie"s and there are three different  "Zombie Necromancer"s, but then there is also Darkheart Wanderer who is just a "Necromancer."  Not a zombie or a human or anything.  Similarly, there are lots of humans, a few humans with jobs and a few jobs that have no race when the picture seems to suggest they are human.

Speaking of creatures that have a "class" but not a "race" type, Zimus is just a soldier at level one.  He is, however, one of two creatures that changes types as he goes up levels.  At level two and three he is a Zombie Solider.  The other creature that changes types is Chrogias who goes from seedling to plant to treefolk.  That means you can Cultivate a level one or a level three Chrogias, but you can't cultivate a level two one, even though it is clearly a seed.

Then there are the cycles of cards that seem to have mismatched types.  The savants are a Zombie Necromancer, a Technomancer Wizard, a Pyromancer Wizard and a Geomancer Wizard.  I find these types kind of outlandish, but shouldn't the Darkshaper be a Wizard as well?  Presumably "technomancer" "pyromancer" and "geomancer" aren't really going to be meaningful types in the future.  Perhaps they could just be wizards.  Or human wizards.  Or maybe a dryad wizard, a fire asir wizard and a human wizard.

The Avatars are a manticore, an abomination, a cyborg and a human druid.  That seems like an odd mix.  Manticore and Cyborg are both unique creature types.  The Rootforged Avatar is the only one with a job, and he's also one of only two humans in Uterra.  He also hardly looks human at higher levels.  Hellforged Avatar, on the other hand, has a relevant creature type that interacts with another Nekrium card.

Since this is a digital game, it is relatively simple for them to update card types if it becomes desirable to do so.  There are a few things that should probably be sorted out before they get out of beta.

Also, my imgur SolForge Album has some new shots in it if you are interested in that sort of thing.

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