Thursday, 9 January 2014


Over the holidays Skyrim was on sale for $36.  I had planned on waiting for it to be like $10 but I don't exactly know why so I snapped and bought it.  I think the clincher was when I heard some guys on the bus talking:

"So what are you doing on Christmas?"

"I'm just going to stay home and play Skyrim."

This being two full years after the release, I was impressed.

Skyrim has a lot of stuff to do in it.  So much stuff that it feels like your quest log just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I recall reading when it came out that it was much better than an MMO at giving you the feeling of a world inhabited by other people.  That's true if you want from other people is to play along with a grand story.  If what you want from other people is to make childish jokes in some kind of global chat.

It makes me really not interested in the Elder Scrolls Online that is coming out this year.  Why would I want to play an Elder Scrolls game with other people when I can play a perfectly good one without them?

Skyrim is a good.

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