Monday, 24 February 2014

Dentistry and People

I had to get a filling removed and redone today.  Apparently there was a tiny cavity directly next to the filling, so they take it all out and put it back in.

Some days I'm okay with stuff like that and other days I'm not so good.  My neck was uncomfortable and my jaw was uncomfortable, but when the dentist asked me if I was okay - when he saw that my face had gone white and worried that I was going to pass out - I didn't bother to explain that it wasn't the needles or the drills or the constant threat that I might feel a sudden excruciating pain.  It was just him.

If you think about the feeling of having a really bad bruise and having someone apply pressure to it, that's the kind of experience I have when people talk to me.  Not every day, a lot of days it's fine.  And even on a bad day I can engage myself in the conversation and the affect that I am being doesn't feel the pain of talking.  But sometimes it's just awful.

So when the dentist asked me if I was okay, I didn't explain that him asking me if I was okay was so much worse than anything else he was or could be doing.  Explaining would have just meant more talking.

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