Thursday, 17 April 2014

Entitled, Destructive Oaf for Mayor

I find Rob Ford to among the worst examples of humanity.  If he has not killed anyone, I would attribute that purely to good fortune - both in that reckless decisions he has made have not yet caused accidents and in that society has been lucky not to place him in a position where he can make serious decisions about people's lives.  He is an entitled brat, a person who does not believe himself capable of being wrong or doing wrong.

He may also be the best choice for mayor of Toronto.

On the day of Toronto's last municipal election I was on a street car.  A woman was riding with her son who must have been one-and-a-half-ish.  He said, "Home," and she explained that they weren't going home, they were going to vote.  She asked him who he would be voting for and he said, "Ball."

If a football or a baseball or some other ball were on the ballot for Toronto mayor last election, I would have definitely cheered for them ahead of Rob Ford, but I also would have preferred an inanimate object over Smitherman, his closest competitor.  The great thing about putting Rob Ford in power is that he is so obviously a buffoon that council is willing to sideline him and pretend he isn't there.  Sure, it's one more "no" on every vote, but with 44 councilors, I think a proposal worth passing can stand to require one extra person in favor to get through.

There is a danger to voting in Rob Ford, and that is that council might take that fresh mandate from the people as a sign that they have to stop curtailing his powers.  But that might lead to an even better long term solution.  Council never had the power to curtail the mayor, they only had the power to not grant the mayor additional powers beyond what the legislation grants already.  Another term of Rob Ford might be just what we need to permanently instead of temporarily remove those powers from the mayor's office.  That would be great.

Olivia Chow might make a good mayor, as might John Tory or David Soknacki.  But there are really two things that I want in a political leader: not overly respected or powerful; and not corrupt in a grand scale.  Rob Ford is too ridiculous to become overly powerful and is in bed with the wrong kind of criminal to by corrupt on the order of $10M+.

Now, if I only I could vote for no Prime Minister or no Premier.

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