Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Graphics, Flavour, I Care?

Once upon I time I was playing Final Fantasy X and remarked that I would be just as happy with the game if I was playing as the triangle on the mini-map instead of as the 3D character. I was interested in the form of games but not as much in their content.

These days I find myself playing as a Warrior in Hearthstone specifically because of the graphics and the flavour. That's not to say that I loved the dynamic character of Garrosh Hellscream or that I think Orcs are cool. It's more like a process of elimination.

Come on,
Rexxar, the Hunter, is wearing a really stupid hat. Uther, the Paladin, has a ridiculous beard. Valeera, the Rogue, is busting out of her top in a way that I find embarrassing for the game designers, as is Jaina, the Wizard. Gul'dan, the Warlock, just looks dumb to me. Thrall, the Shaman, and Maltufion, the Druid are both acceptable, I guess, but basically the Warrior is the only one that seems to be a shade above mediocre in terms of art.

Yeah, that
pout is
I didn't mention Anduin Wrynn, the Priest. Was there seriously no better choice for this character? I would be playing a priest if they put virtually any priest character from the entire history of Warcraft lore in that seat, but Anduin Wrynn? Am I supposed to think he's cool because in Cataclysm they decided he wouldn't be a little kid anymore?

I'm sure at some point they will be happy to take people's real money to let them play vanity characters. Most likely they'll try to diversify, picking alliance races where there used to be horde ones, probably a greater number of female characters as well. It'll be a few bucks for a cosmetic change to a class.

And so help me I'll probably end up getting suckered into that. Somehow as I age aesthetics are starting to matter to me.

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