Friday, 27 June 2014

Improved Code

I've been at this javascript thing for a while now so I've gotten better at writing code since I first put up Piggy Petter and the Glitch Die in my right-hand column. In particular, my first attempts at animation involved loading animated GIFs in to do the animation for me with timers set to do things in approximately the same timeframe.

I figured out a much superior sprite-based approach pretty quickly, but I never went back to those two first projects and rewrote them. Now I have!

Of course I was offering those up to anyone who wanted to put them on their own site, and since I've changed the way the code works, I've also had to change the html you need to run your own little petable piggy or rollable die. You can find the new code here, same place as the old code was.

To my knowledge no one was actually using these, but they are definitely there to be used if you wish.

Next up is adding a link to Crime Simulator to the main page, I guess. You'd think that I could just get that done, but doing things can take a great deal of building-up-to.

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