Friday, 20 June 2014

Playing Hearthstone

Soon Hearthstone will be releasing it's first expansion soon. It's not a traditional trading card game expansion, but instead it is an "adventure."

The cards don't come in packs. Instead to get them you have to play through the adventure which is modeled after Naxxramas. Each of the five wings of the dungeon will unlock a week apart from one another. The first and last are free, but you can only enter the last if you've beaten the three paid ones.

You can pay for the paid wings with gold or with money. I like single player content in card games a lot, so I want to have enough gold to play through. In order to do that, though, I have to play against other humans beings.

It turns out I don't mind playing on ranked mode much because I don't feel like I have a lot on the line. I played some arena and found it very stressful but went 6-3 so it was profitable from a collection-building standpoint.

To build up gold I need to be doing quests. You get 10 gold every three wins, but every day you get a quest that rewards between 40 and 100 gold for completing. Quests can overlap and be completed at the same time. So the other day when I had "Win 7 games", "Win 5 games with a Rogue or Warrior", and "Deal 100 damage to your opponents", I won four games with a warrior, completing the 100 damage one, and getting 4 wins towards the others. Since they were worth 100, 60 and 40 respectively, that increased my gold from 3.3 per win to 39.3 per win. I don't think I can maintain levels that high all the time I'm playing, but I am certainly building up gold at a decent clip. I have no idea how much the wings of Naxxramas are going to cost, but they said they wanted to make paying with gold plausible, so I figure a couple thousand in the bank should cover me.

It turns out that I kind of like playing the game, though, so I guess mission accomplished from Blizzard's perspective.

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