Thursday, 25 September 2014

The World Will End Tomorrow

"The world is going to end tomorrow."

"What a moron!"

And so the world ended the next day, because, as we know, ad hominem is a logical fallacy.

The saying goes that if a fool says the sun will come up tomorrow it still will. The flip side of that is that all the fancy reasoning in the world can't make you right if you are just wrong.

There is a self-selecting class of frequent internet forum posters who think that a hundred people telling them they are dumb just proves how right they are. A few of us are actual genius-prophets who will be proven right by history if by some slim chance we are remembered by history. For the vast majority, if most people think you are dumb, it's probably because you are dumb.

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  1. italian proverb:three men call you an ass, put on a saddle.