Friday, 7 November 2014

Cookie Clicker Beta - And Big News!

I've been playing through Cookie Clicker again for the last month or two and I am thoroughly at endgame. All I have left to do is accumulate 400 cursors and harvest up a total of an octillion cookers. That will take another couple of months, I think.

In the meantime I decided to check out the beta build, and I have to say it's pretty exciting. Building prices and production values have been redone. There are new buildings; not just slapped on the top at even higher cost, but in the sequence. Factory and mine are switched, and - no spoilers - you don't go straight to space from there.

I don't know what the revision to the legacy system is, but there is something to it, so I'm racking up my trillion cookies to see what happens. It's got a legacy button in the upper right corner that has a progress bar to a trillion cookies to show you how you are doing. I am looking forward to ascension, even though it's probably a really bad idea to do it at one trillion.

And on the idle game front, I've put together a pretty decent first approximation of my latest project. The thing it doesn't do, though, is save your game, so it needs a little work. Fortunately I am going to actually have a few hours to myself in the near future, so I hope to get that done and unveil the "alpha" Monday after next.

I've already shared the version I have with someone and they remarked that it was like a real game, so I'm a little excited.


  1. You have the 7777 golden cookies achievement? You are a beast. I will have the septillion achievement and 200 in a little while but I don't know that I will ever get octillion or 7777.

    1. At various times while running experiments I've cheated in different ways. In terms of getting to octillion I don't think it's extremely material - that one is just months and months of further waiting and resetting, but the 7777 surely isn't remotely honest and feels absurdly extreme. I should probably scratch that one off things I've done.