Tuesday, 2 December 2014

No Sleep

My baby's and toddler's don't-sleep-until-after-midnight and wake-up-at-five tag team  has me so exhausted I can't read most of the time, let alone write. I'm still coding, strangely, I guess that uses a totally different part of my brain. Right now having anything to say is too lofty a goal for me, so I'm going to slumber for another few days at least, I think.

A few thoughts until then:
  • People actually refer to people with read hair as 'gingers' as in the phrase 'annoying bearded gingers are ruining sitcoms.'
  • Chris Rock's summary of race relations in America: 'There are no race relations. White people were crazy. Now they're not as crazy.'
  • I now use single quotes instead of double ones, apparently.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics is awesome. Speedrunning Final Fantasy Tactics looks insanely intolerable.


  1. You don't find abusing a glitch to get infinite job points and then using a precalculated math command on every level to be interesting?

    1. I feel like eventually someone will just happen to get no random encounters and then that will be the world record forever. Seriously, the guy I was watching would be thrilled every time Delita got Defend to start with.

      But also, I think I was frustrated because he wasn't actually very good at the game. At one point he seemed to be frustrated at which character the panther on Mandalia Plains was attacking, but he had positioned his other characters so that it had no other choices. I could have had it attacking the character of my choice in two moves. But then, I've devoted a thousand+ hours to playing that game, even ignoring the runs I used Math on.

      It was neat to watch a few of the battles, though. I like how sometimes you bring a second character in so you can kill yourself.

  2. I watched a no-math run once where the guy teleported around drawing out spirits from samurai swords. It was neat because it used a full party. Everyone else cast quick on Ramza so he could win in 1 turn!