Friday, 9 January 2015

Almost Living the Dream

On my most recent run of Binding of Isaac I found a Sun card on the first floor. The Sun heals you to full, reveals the floor map and deals huge damage to all enemies on screen. Obviously I held onto that as I proceeded through the next few floors since I didn't have any occasion to use it in the early game.

On the third floor I came across the Sharp Plug in a shop, which lets you take two full hearts of damage to activate your usable item without any charge. My usable item was the Book of Sin and I thought I was planning on holding onto it so I didn't really think the Sharp Plug was a good investment. The best things that come out of the Book of Sin are grey and black hearts, and spending two for a small chance of getting one is not exactly a good deal.

Then on the fourth floor the treasure room had the Blank Card in it. The Blank Card is a usable item that takes four rooms to recharge that activates the effect of the card you are holding without using the card up.

While paying two hearts to maybe generate one heart seemed like a bad deal, paying two hearts to do 100 damage to everything on the screen and to heal to full seemed like a pretty good thing. I sure wished I had bought that plug.

I can't really blame myself. The number of activated items that I'd really want to pay two hearts to use are... well, it seems like it's just the blank card with a handful of specific cards. Generally if I could get an item that activated to give me two souls hearts I'd be over the moon, so why I would want to give up two hearts to activate an item is a bit beyond me.

Fortunately I got Brimstone, Chocolate Millk and about eight hearts that game, plus the nine-volt battery. A full heal every 3 rooms was good enough to get me my first ??? kill. Now to unlock the Lamb.

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