Friday, 27 February 2015

Elder Scrolls

I've been playing Skyrim this week. So basically this game is incredible. Sure, powering up is a little too weighted around smithing, but I rarely mind broken systems in single player games when you can just up the difficulty or choose not to use them.

I was doing some reading about Elder Scrolls VI that rumours say may be coming out next March. Of course I think that would be the console version and the PC port might be a little while after that. I'm very bored with most games these days, and feel like it's a long time to wait.

I've been contemplating checking out Elder Scrolls Online recently. I've just read that they are moving away from subscriptions to a buy-to-play model next month, so my parental leave might be the perfect time to give it a whirl.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who wishes that Elder Scrolls Online was Elder Scrolls VI instead, perhaps including those at Bethesda. Last I heard Elder Scrolls Online actually had a large number of subscribers - more than half a million - so I'm sure it wasn't a total bust, but I don't know if it lived up to their expectations or not, especially if they are continuing to sink development resources into it.

The reason I might want to try to Elder Scrolls Online is that I would really like another game to just play around in and level up a character in. The reason I might not want to try it is that there will be other people playing too.

Skyrim and Oblivion have been my antidotes for other people in gaming. The worlds of those games were so much richer than any MMO world I have experienced, and that was because there wasn't anyone else around to mess things up. I haven't played Morrowind, but the way everyone talks about it, it sounds like it was as good or better.

In the meantime, if anyone knows a great RPG with a huge open world to explore that I could play instead of replaying Skyrim, I'd be interested.

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  1. Two Worlds Two reminded me of Oblivion, so maybe that? Though to be fair I played it once and then never went back to it, so maybe not.