Monday, 23 February 2015

Hearthstone Over-the-top Aggression

Reading about Hearthstone on Ziggyny's blog has gotten me interested in Hearthstone again. I mostly want to build my collection, so my goal in playing constructed is just to complete quests. The best way to do that is to play really fast games. Even if my win percentage is a little lower, it's much better to be winning and losing games on turn six or seven than winning or losing them on turns 13 or 14. If your goal is to get your quest gold and stop playing.

I try to swap out my quests for higher gold ones which means targeting the win five games with a particular class quests. Recently I had to win five games with a warrior or a rogue.

I started by putting together the most aggressive rogue deck I could figure out. The deck didn't work out very well. I had one fantastic turn where my opponent had just cast a Muster for Battle removing the last three durability from his Sword of Justice and killed a minion of mine leaving me with a 1/2 Anub'ar Ambusher. I got to cast two Knife Jugglers, then a Defias Ringleader, then attack into one of his 2/1 guys with the ambusher, bouncing the Ringleader and replaying it, for a total of 9 triggers, killing all of his guys and leaving me with 5 minions. But that was the only game I won, and that was a tight game.

So I decided to make the most aggressive warrior deck I could and started playing with it.

Something I learned while playing this deck is that if you are low in the rankings, nearly everyone is playing aggressive decks. What's more, nearly everything thinks that they are the beatdown. Probably whatever website they got their decklist from told them to always go for the face. I've seen that advice myself.

But obviously that advice has to be qualified. Some cards, like Raging Worgen are warning signs that you need to stop and rethink who wants to be in a race. You need trade off your 3/2 for it, not attack their face. You don't want to take 18 on your opponent's third turn. Frothing Berserker is another one that should give you pause, it can get to seven or eight power in a hurry.

I have an aggressive warlock deck that probably wins more games than my warrior deck, but the warrior deck is definitely my favourite. I don't even have all the cards I should for it, but it doesn't really matter. Laying on that beating is such a nice feeling. I've won a few games on turn five, and that's blisteringly fast.

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