Friday, 10 April 2015

Dead or on Parental Leave

Look, there's got to be some reason I stopped posting, and those are the two most likely I could come up with.

It's not even really that I have less time on my hands than I did when I was working, my baby has been napping pretty well so I have a fair bit of time on on hands each day. I've been playing King's Bounty: Dark Side, which I wouldn't be doing if I didn't have time to play King's Bounty: Dark Side. I've been cooking for more elaborately than is necessary. I've been watching a shocking amount of I Wanna Be The Guy fangame streams.

It's more that the time I do have isn't spent thinking about the sort of thing I would write about. When you spend your whole day around a baby it makes everything seem much more immediate. Spreadsheets and philosophy seem a little less important, because you can think whatever you want but life is really about food and diapers.

Anyway, I've had my little thought break. Next week I'll be back to write about how rotten capitalism is,

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