Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Impossible: Creation

Baby ear infection time is over, and hexagon tactics time is back again.

Creation is a spell that recharges the charged abilities on your units. At maximum level it can affect units of up to level four and gives three charges to each ability.

For example, Heresiarchs can cast resurrection twice a fight. Cast creation on them and now they can cast it three additional times. Necromancers can cast magic lock once, animate dead three times, and plague once. Cast creation on them and they can use each ability three additional times.

This spell is dumb as hell. When I first played the game on the succubus, one 16 mana creation on my stack of heresiarchs gave me three resurrections, each one about twice as powerful as my 30 mana resurrections spell, and able to target level 5 units, which resurrection was not. Used on units with summoning abilities it seems even more ridiculous.

And then there are some abilities that really were not meant to be used more than once. Here is me beating a fast moving enemy force with a wolf.

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