Friday, 2 December 2016

Damn It All To Hell

Canada's Minister of Democratic Institutions slammed the report from the committee on election reform saying that it doesn't give clear direction and there shouldn't be a referendum.

On the no-referendum issue I completely agree. If they do decide to have a referendum they should set the bar for it passing at a 35% yes vote, because if you don't think that sounds fair then you are against first-past-the-post.

Basically the Liberals wanted a ranked ballot of some sort because their mathematicians told them they would do better under it. Other parties want proportional representation because it seems fairer, is used all over the democratic world, and wouldn't give the Liberals a perceived advantage. Either that or they want a referendum on proportional representation because they figure there is no way it will pass and they prefer to alternate autocracies with the Liberals rather than adopt a new system.

I am making a vow here. If we have first-past-the-post again next election I will never vote for the Liberal party again. They could be running against an admitted despot whose plan is to round up people over six-foot-four and put them in concentration camps and I still will not vote for them. Every racist thing that becomes public policy in Canada under Kellie Leitch's government will be because they couldn't see past the ends of their noses. When we get an anti-Muslim snitch line I am going to write to anyone who was involved in this file who is still in parliament and remind them that they were the ones who chose this path for Canada.

We're going to end up stuck with one of the least democratic systems anyone could imagine calling a democracy because a bunch of old people don't like change. Then we are going to end up with a racist demagogue because a bunch of old people are racist as fuck.

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