Monday, 11 November 2013

Mad Myth Monday? This is getting riciulous

In my defense, this is a long weekend for me even though it is very unlikely that it is for you.

It was the river that cut the bed from the earth.  It is the wagon that beat the dirt road.  The place where the paths bend are the place where the greatest pressure is exerted.  The paths are cut straight.
A powerful metaphor, but a metaphor for what?  The point is not that we are like rivers.  You imagine you would like to be a river because rivers are majestic and eternal.  No, there is nothing majestic or eternal in your spirit in your spirit, but neither is there in a river.  They flow and cut and become flowing and cutting.  Over thousands of years the pressure finally erodes a senseless turn on the river bed and it becomes straighter.  The river becomes just that tiny bit more intelligent, more rational in its course to the ocean.
The mind is a billions flows of pressure.  The river's centuries and eons are stopped by the mind-built dam in a fraction of the time it would take the unaided river to erode a few inches of its bank.

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