Wednesday, 19 March 2014


The eastbound streetcar normally stops on the west side of the intersection but because of temporary construction it picks people people up on the east side.

When the streetcar stops the traffic behind it has to stop too, so every time it goes through the intersection one too many cars follow it, the last one getting stopped in the northbound lane of the cross street.  Usually it takes long enough to load and unload the streetcar that said car is still in that northbound land of traffic when the light changes and cars are blocked by it.  Sometimes it is there for the entire cycle of the light and northbound traffic doesn't get to move at all.

On one occasion, a driver waiting to go north decides to continuously sound his or her horn for the entire duration, from the time the light turns green until the time the car vacates the intersection, about 15 seconds after the light has turned red again and the northbound car has missed its chance.

Slamming their hand on that horn for a little over two minutes sure helped, and was not at all the equivalent to a tantrum thrown by a toddler who wasn't getting their way.

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