Monday, 20 October 2014


It's October, so supergreatfriend is playing spooky games on his Saturday night stream. One game he played is Harvester, a 90's point and click adventure set in a small town in the 50's. This game seemed really bizarre, so I dounloaded a playthrough of the game from and gave it a watch.

There are a lot of "horror" games out there in that there are games that try to scare you. Harvester is a real horror game in that it is absolutely horrible to experience. The entire point of the game seems to be to make the player feel extremely uncomfortable. To do accomplish this it uses themes covering everything from incest to cannibalism to emotionally unstable people left in charge of nuclear weapons. Lots of gore, lots of deranged people in a 1950's small town.

While playing someone asked supergreatfriend what this game was rated. But, as he said in reply, this game was made in the 90's. You didn't get games rated then, you just made them and released them. I find this game a very interesting look into a time before game ratings. For all of the "adult" content you see making its way into games - sex and violence and whatnot - you don't see games like this. This is really over the top.

Let me be clear, I do not recommend you download and watch this game, and I certainly don't recommend you play it - it looks like it would be really dreadful to play. But even though I'm not recommending it, I thought I would relate the fact that I watched it. Harvester is now a thing that has happened to me.

One final note: I'll say nothing about how awesome or incredibly stupid the ending is. Who knows?

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