Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Crime Simulator: Rebirth

I've done a full rewrite of Crime Simulator including many new features for those who like to simulate the commission of crimes. The game, at it's heart, is still a game about soliciting men with the offer of sexual favours, killing them, and using their money to go to New York to kill Andy Warhol, but there is so much more you can do now. In particular, there are 13 achievements for you to obtain, ranging from nearly impossible to avoid to being so specific in their requirements that its very unlikely anyone will ever come across them without looking at the code.

The basic engine driving the thing is a lot less slapdash now, so it's much easier for me to add things to the game. Will I continue development? Who knows. But if you would like to see features, or if you encounter bugs, feel free to report them here or on the official Crime Simulator thread on Boing Boing's BBS. Enjoy your crime spree.

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