Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Hearthstone Cards .csv File

I wanted to do some stuff with Hearthstone cards, but first I needed to get them into a usable format.  Searching web-based databases for cards using the filters they offer is just so tedious. I googled "hearthstone cards .csv" and found something that wasn't exactly what I wanted: Hearthstone Cards in JSON.

What I don't like about JSON is that I can't open it in a spreadsheet. What I do like about JSON is that with a few lines of code I can transmute it into something I can open in a spreadsheet.

Hearthstone Cards, Comma Separated

Click that link and you'll get a lot of selected text, ready to be copied and pasted into a text editor and saved as a .csv which will be recognized by your spreadsheet.

Thanks to stackoverflow for having great resources on javascript. In particular in this case how to select text and how to open a file from the web.

Now that I have this I should be able to figure some useful things out.

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