Friday, 26 July 2013

Rogue Legacy - C'est Fini

Well, I did say that I thought the game was too small and short.  I'd seriously love to be playing it more right now, but I've now actually bought everything in the game and all there is left to do is keep racking up higher and higher new game plus numbers.  I'm at New Game +10 and I don't feel the need to get that a lot higher.

Would I still give it a whole-hearted recommendation?  Damn, you bet.  The whole reason I'm finished everything in it was because it was outrageously fun.  I have to imagine that a couple of days from now I am going to start up a new game of it from scratch playing only with the classes that I tended to avoid in my first playthroughs, or giving myself some other restriction.  In fact, I have a low level game on the go right now where I have almost completed a playthrough at level 6.

All I want out of this game is more of everything.  What's great is that I can only imagine that more will not be too hard for the designers to produce.  Based on the reaction I'm seeing online, this is likely to be a big money maker for them.  Hopefully they don't wait years and years to add to it.

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