Monday, 8 July 2013

Toddler Time - Water Ball

Here is a game I invented for myself: You'll need a shallow pool of water, a toddler, and a light-weight, air-filled ball.

Equipment needed to play
While standing near the toddler, push the ball under the water right down to the bottom of the pool.  Then, release the ball and see if you can get it to launch over the toddler's head to the other side of the toddler.  If you get one point for each time the ball clears the toddler then my current running score would be two.

It turns out that it is not terribly easy to aim.  I was getting the hang of it but I think the resulting water spouts looked like a lot of fun so the girl who owned the ball decided to take it back and the game of using the water pressure to launch the ball in the air was taken over by the children at the wading pool.  They weren't nearly proficient enough to even attempt scoring a goal, they also failed to bring their own toddlers with them.

Toddlers themselves lack the strength to play
If the object of the game was, instead, to try to make the toddler laugh, my score would be much higher.  That game would be too easy.

On the way home, I said to Humbabellella, "You see, the ball is much less dense than the water, so the Earth's gravity pulling down the water created a lot of upward force on the ball."

"Ya," she replied.  Very clever for her age.

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