Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Diablo 3 - Teleporting

Distance is not an easy thing to measure in Diablo 3.  Some very good work was done a long way back to show about how big the screen is in yards.  I couldn't find any research anywhere that explained how fast your character actually runs on the screen, but I'm pegging base run speed at around 24 yards per second based on an assumption that it is a nice round numbers and some estimation.

A recent hotfix let us know that we can teleport up to 50 yards in one go, which means 150 yards in one wormhole.  I am assuming Archon teleport goes the same distance.

So the more cooldown reduction you have, the more often you can launch yourself off at incredible speeds.  Also, the illusionist passive gives you 30% more movement for 3 seconds after teleporting.  More teleporting means more of your downtime is spend moving fast.

So I made another worksheet with the same assumptions as yesterday - a gem, paragon points, passive skill and set bonus all giving cooldown reduction - and compared total movement speed, counting both time in and time out of archon for varying numbers of items with 8% cooldown reduction.  This is what it looks like:

These percentages show the compounded run speed that you get on top of a wizard who does not have illusionist, has no cooldown reduction, but has both 25% run speed and wormhole.  The same numbers, but this time in terms of absolute run speed are:

So capping out your cooldown reduction means achieving some really ludicrous speeds.  Full stacking of cooldown reduction means having the equivalent of 283% run speed while in archon and, of course, being in archon quite a bit of the time.

Of course this is making the assumption that you want to relocate to a place 50 yards away every second, and that's probably not realistic.  Then again, a person who actually had +200% run speed would spend some of their time standing still.  Run speed only matters when you want to move.

Still, being able to teleport 50 yards each second is not the same thing as moving 50 yards a second faster.  Many maps have narrow and short corridors that will block you from utilizing the full range.  A closed door  20 yards away means you have to stop to open it rather than barrelling through.  On the other hand, teleport sometimes shortcuts stairs and other obstacles.  Also, unlike with run speed, time spent standing still can effectively be movement time.  A character who ran 50 yards a second would have to spend one second moving 50 yards.  A character who gets to relocate 50 yards each second can move 50 yards and do other things.  The comparison between moving and teleporting is not an easy one, but it certainly isn't obvious that teleporting gets the short end of the stick.

Out of interest I tried, however, giving teleport a 35 yard range to see how it affected the numbers.  At the same time I reduced wormhole to 2.5 teleports since the third one is sometimes a little dicey to use effectively.  This still gave some impressive speed numbers ranging from +74% run/walk for no 8% cooldown items and +130% for seven.  That puts the wizard at about the speed of a barbarian with always on Marathon Sprint without any extra cooldown items at all.

The reality is that I've played this build with two 8% cooldown reduction items and I move much faster than anyone else.  When doing bounty runs it took me less than 20 seconds to reach Skeleton King from the waypoint, and when searching the spider caves or halls of agony for the way down I would sometimes explore the wrong way then turn around and pass someone who had gone in the other direction, these someones being spirit walking witch doctors, dashing striking monks and even other non-archon teleporting wizards without massive cooldown reduction.

If 8% cooldown reduction gives this build both a 5% damage boost and a 5% run speed boost, then it seems like it is a stat that can actually compete in the big leagues.  I've been doing speed runs for bounties, and teleporting from pack to pack, devastating each with an arcane blast has certainly been a fun and satisfying way to play.

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