Monday, 17 November 2014

Yes It Is!

On the advise of commenter Chris I have decided to leave making sprite sheets for another day. I made a couple finishing touches now I have it for you.

Click Here For Fun.

I've twice now called this an "early alpha." I don't think it's riddled with bugs, or at least not crash bugs. But it is very feature-light. I'm sharing it now for two reasons:

  1. There are a lot of things I could be doing in terms of further development. I'd like to hear about what I should be doing and get ideas from people.
  2. I have started about a dozen browser games and abandoned them all before I had any kind of product. I sort of committed myself to putting something out there.
This is an idle game, not a carpal tunnel syndrome game. That doesn't mean that it has no interactivity, but when you start, you are not missing the thing to frantically click on, it isn't there.

I have tested this on Chrome and Firefox. I have no idea what crazy things it might do in other browsers, but working on that cross browser compatibility is about the least fun thing I could imagine doing with this project, so that might be a long way off. It also unapologetically uses LocalStorage and other contemporary browser stuff. If you are using a less than modern browser, I have no idea if it will run.

Anyway, don't expect to get a huge amount of play out of this, and bear in mind that I most likely will blow up your save game at some point in the future.

If you want to blow up your own save game, you can open a console and type in:


And that will do it for you.

Enjoy and send feedback, either through comments or email or just by talking to me because half of you know me.


  1. Cute! You should check out A Dark Room.

  2. In your description of the legendary items upgrade have is spelled ahve

  3. Also is mana purely decorative?

  4. Fun fact: Typos in strings don't crash your code. (well, most of 'em)

    Mana is 100% decorative. "Something to do with mana" is certainly on the to do list.

  5. I've found an issue with thorns. If it kills the enemy on the enemy's attack you continue your attack bar and then cut up the corpse for damage. This is a little annoying when it's the only enemy and it just wastes time (a hilarious concept for a game like this I know) but when there are multiple enemies it makes me sad. I'd like to think my idle character is smart enough to hit the living guy instead. Even if it means resetting his attack count from the beginning it would be better than following through on hitting the corpse.

  6. I need a trade chat implemented so I can link my outdated legendary.