Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Binding of Isaac Boss Rushes

I've been working on unlocking things in Binding of Isaac. Specifically, I've been trying to beat the boss rush with all the characters.

For most of the characters this isn't very hard. The boss rush drops so many hearts that as long as you have a few heart containers and do reasonable damage you can make a lot of mistakes and still win. Of course it helps if you do obscene damage instead of reasonable damage.

One my winning Cain run I picked up increased damage items from the bosses on the first two floors as well as a Magic Mushroom from the first treasure room, which is among the best damage increases. Things looked pretty good. Then I picked up Ipecac nearly invalidating that earlier stuff but making things look even better. Then on the fourth floor I got 20/20.

At this point everything was a cakewalk. My damage was obscene, enemies barely got a chance to attack me.

Because I had secured good damage items and was confident in my damage to beat the boss rush, I had been working on getting defensive items, so I had bombed my way through the angel statue on the third floor in the hopes of getting more angel rooms thanks to the half-key. Well, having picked up 20/20, I figured that if I was ever going to take on Mega Satan, this was the time.

After easily defeating the Boss Rush I started working on heart containers, and thanks to several Temperance and Judgement cards I managed to get up to ten. I went into Mega Satan with 10 full red hearts, two soul hearts, a bad trip pill, and Cancer, the zodiac sign. I'd never done the fight before, so I didn't know how much of a stretch it would be, but it turns out I think I would have won if I'd never dodged a thing and just stood and fired.

So I got my first Mega Satan kill to go with my Boss Rush. If I had been sensible maybe I should have killed ??? instead because that gets you an unlock and Mega Satan doesn't, but Mega Satan does change your save screen image, so maybe that's a bigger deal.

I'm also pleased to report that I beat the boss rush with ??? who is probably the hardest to boss rush on account of not being able to pick up all those red hearts in the room. I also won with Eve, Samson and Azazel, and Samson also went on to take out ??? with 20/20, many tears increases, Cancer, the trinket, and Mom's Contact. That Azazel game is still going, I expect to take out ???. It turns out that having the Relic and Tammy's Head on Azazel is insanely powerful.

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