Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Binding of Isaac - d20

I'm still figuring out things about the Binding of Isaac. One I just figured out recently is that the d20 is up there with the most powerful items in the game. If that sounds like an exaggeration, watch this:

In this run things were made easy for me with a Card Against Humanity, but in another run I set off a very similar if slightly less infinite chain by just using an arcade to spawn a huge number of coins and wheel of fortune items.

The die rerolls all pickups on the screen. It also rerolls empty chests. So if you reroll enough pickups to make sure you spawn some chests then you can reroll those into even more pickups. Obviously this requires some way to refill the d20. In this run I have the sharp plug, which is obviously a little bit game breaking. In another run I had the 48 hour energy pill in my pill set - be sure to use the pill in another room so the extra batteries don't reroll. You could also do it with a habit and a fire. The damage doesn't matter much because there will be plenty of hearts to grab.

I thought that when the golden chest item pool was exhausted the game would start giving me Breakfasts, but for some reason after giving me everything in the gold item chest pool, including some of those things three times, the gold chests started containing treasure room and even angel room items. You can see me pick up Godhead in the video above. I don't really understand how that works. You may be able to tell from the giant laser circle that I have ludovico technique and technology I also have nearly every other item in the game, though I purposefully avoid doctor fetus just in case there is some weird interaction.

I should have made a video of my bombs going off. With sad bombs, death's touch, godhead, proptosis, and various other effects they were a sight to behold. That hardly mattered, of course, since the blue baby didn't live long enough for one to go off.

The above run put my Eden win streak at 7. One day I'll stop saying I suck at this game, but seriously, every now and then I get hit by Monstro and think, "I have no right to even play this."

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